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In the modern world, our beauty and health are regularly exposed to various kinds of stress. Poor nutrition, untimely meals, insufficient sleep - this negatively affects our appearance and health. Also, do not forget about the poor environment, constant stress at work, etc. All this leads to the fact that we don’t look as good as we would like. We get sick more often, and our body systems do not work as they should. Therefore, we may notice a deterioration in the appearance of the face and body condition. They need attention from you, and our products will help you with this.

A consultation with our specialists will be useful and will help you determine the care you need. Achieve the desired result in appearance, maintain health and improve well-being. Our company has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2010. It all started with a small company that had only one warehouse. Now we have a developed network of regular customers, including beauty salons. Our products are also sold in this online store and are available to customers from all over the world.
To date, more than 15,000 clients have chosen us!


All of the company's products come directly from the manufacturer. These are reliable certified medical and cosmetology factories in China, South Korea, and the USA.

We do everything to ensure that you get the desired result. Our products truly help you stay beautiful, healthy and feel better.

We regularly monitor, research and order new products for your pleasure. "Mesoscooter Ukraine" is the No. 1 place with the best products for your beauty and health.

Mikhail Derkach, Chief

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